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Re: A Woman's Center

Hey people
I've been reading the discussion, and decided to pipe in with my two cents, just to be difficult.
I tie my hakama below my waist, at my hips. I do this, because it seems more natural for me, and this is also where I tied my belt, before I got my extra pants (haven't gotten quite used to it yet... grrr ) ...I am smaller around my waist, than around my hips... but as i tie my belt somewhat hard, it actually stays somewhere near where I put it initially...
I have never tried tying it at my waist, 'cause I have this idea that it must feel somewhat like a corset... Like I said, my gi doesn't stay on (closed) unless I tie my belt firmly... and tying it like that at my waist... ouch...
So when women tie their hakama at the waist... how do you "keep it on"?

Just curious
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