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Just my two cents...

With every new batch of eager, aspiring aikidoka that enter our dojo i have made pretty intressting dicovery,

Many of the expected defensive reactions to techniques and atemi (hard or soft) will fail to show.

I'd like like to put this in comparison to whats been said earlier about the reaction of expriencenced practicioners.

With begginners i don't think this happens by accident but instead i often hear people asking what kind of threat the technique/atemi is suppused to pose. This has lead me to belive that there might be cultural diffrences in what we recognize as a threat.

And also how skilled does one have to be to be able to foresee potential followups from a grip for instance.

With som experience we learn the gruesome possibilitys of such a situation but what if we face an opponent, possibly wielding a blade who doesn't recognize our feingted (or real)threats as just threats.

Are the techniques and principles of "SG" really that universal in this case?

Is Aikido atemi and SG only effective in it's full extent on relatively seasoned fighters?
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