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Re: Aikido against real knife

I watched the vid again. I was attacked by a kid with a knife as a teenager before I even started Aikido. I say kind of becuase there was a lot of waving about of the knife - but no real intention. And I have seen a couple instances since. Each time the agressor was showing off, waving it about. I don't think they were that serious in that nothing serious happened. In fact, had the 'victim' tried to do something it might have 'stimulated' an auto-response kind of attack -- like when a dog chases he who starts to run for no other reason than to chase because the chase is on. They did nothing and nothing happened. In my case, a friend stepped in front of me and out-stared the idiot - a confidence trick or sorts I guess. I was shocked by my friend's sudden rush to my defence because even at that young age I could tell the kid was not really serious. But he was waving his knife about menacingly. An old guy also came over and yelled at the kid. No fighting happened ... but sometimes ... your own rush to act can actually be the cause of what 'happens'.

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