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Re: No Touch Throws

Couldn't resist putting a bit of reality in here especially for the hard headed macho physical is the answer brigade.

Has anything ever scared you and made you jump? Have you ever seen anyone feint due to something happening? (even the sight of blood for some) Have you ever seen anyone throw themselves or jump out of the way of some perceived danger only to be embarassed when they notice what it was?

Even in boxing you have boxers jumping out of the way or moving, ducking quickly from a perceived threat only to be surprised when they find it was a feint and now theyre knocked out.

I think if you ever see a ghost you'll be gone quick time in more ways than one.

These are all in life examples and yet carry in them the principles which guide this topic.

Now as Aikido is a way of doing this not through fear etc. then I'll leave you with this last question. Ever met a woman(or visa versa for women or....) that made you weak at the knees?

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