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Re: No Touch Throws

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
Yeah, right. Uke is attacking by prearranged attack and you strike him to the throat or a thrust to the eyes. And of course, he has no right to strike you back, to evade/block and counter......
Do you understand what do you propose? :-O

Anyway, I gave example of boxer only to illustrate, that this entire atemi thing to initiate no touch throw is silly and naive. I never thought about real fight context.

Doing action to create reaction is judo principle not aikido.
Dear Szczepan,
Doing an action to create a reaction is a perfectly sound Aikido principle. For example if you break someones balance in one direction, the reaction of uke will be to regain posture iopposite direction.You can use this reaction as a tool .
Also in basic waza you by the nature of you posture etc in a sense creates a condition which determines how uke will respond.
Is this not creating a reaction? Cheers, Joe.
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