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Re: No Touch Throws

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
Have you ever actually put your hands on Saotome Sensei? It's like bouncing off a brick wall.

The challenge is to understand how you can *both* be completely soft and non-resistant *and* bounce people as if they've hit a wall. Lots of people can do one or the other; very few can do both.

Hi Katherine.
No I have never met Saotome Sensei and he is one of the few I fully agree with judged by what he says.

That explanation of it's like boucing off a wall I fully understand, I have experienced it and students say that to me when I demonstrate what I call Koshi.

In fact I used to get that response especially from other Aikidoka who had done years of Aikido but not much to do with Ki or advanced developement of center. So I put it down to them just needing to practice more center and get more reality on it. However, the times when students said it to me and I then looked to see what it was I was doing that had such a dramatic effect at first had me confused.

All I could see on self inspection was that I was doing 'nothing' and when I did that they said it's like they were running into a brick wall. So at first I could do it but couldn't word or understand exactly what this doing 'nothing' was for it was definitely something to them but FELT like nothing to me.

O.K. So I discovered it's different to center, different to kokyu, different to Hara, and so as I said I found it more to do with Koshi. Having said that then IF you move that AGAINST the opponent then they BOUNCE off.

This looks impressive and dynamic, good. However my perameters in Aikido is there is no against so I don't use it that way if I can find a more harmonious thing to do with it. All the principles are of course interdependant rather than exclusive.

As I've repeatedly stated on this forum I have no interest in anyone who wants to impress or be able to do these type of things so that they can bounce people around, throw people with one finger etc. Even if their purpose is to be able to do to others because 'if someone attacks you then.....' No. Go elsewhere. I only teach who wants to learn how to Harmonize. Self developement.

In my view that is the message given by Saotome, O'Sensei and many great teachers. The fact that it is via doing a martial art is what throws most people and so don't make sense to many but to me it makes it all the more fascinating for you are studying the art of 'no-fighting,' learning the principles of 'no fighting' by putting yourself in an art of fighting. A great test and learning playground.

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