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Re: No Touch Throws

My experience in Aikido is rather old, but I just have to say something. Although I've been on hiatus for a long time, I still intend to get back to it. I married someone from another martial art who was also interested in Aikido, but don't get me wrong that wasn't the only reason.... and we have promised to re start training this year more than the occasional of other years.

In the dojo I attended in the late sixties we heard about and saw no touch throws from Tohei Koichi Sensei (one was called Obake Nage or Ghost Throw) who visited and I'm sure there were others.

For example in the late seventies, Hikitsuchi Sensei when he visited NY, New Haven and Washington mentioned techniques where one would not be touched by even one finger of the attacker (kind of a literal translation of the Japanese he used to make the point of the attacker not touching him)

So through the years in Aikido this type of thing was tried from time to time by people I knew even myself occasionally, probably, whether actually no touch I think the concept was the same, I called them informally "instant banana peel" Aikido was always fascinating to me and still is.

I noticed Nobuyuki Watanabe Sensei mentioned earlier in this thread but the You Tube video from I think it was 2006 wouldn't play so I looked on the right sidebar for another one. Last night I played one from 1987 All Japan Expo, I think it was, because Watanabe Sensei was one of my teachers years ago. I took his regular class and also Sunday, you could practice seven days if you paid a little extra for the Sunday.

They were great classes and he had great patience. I was happy to be in a class where the pace was such that I could learn something, because of the timing it wasn't too crowded.

Imagine how I felt seeing the demo and that was made over twenty years ago. Yes the no touch throws are real. I'm not saying I can really do them, but I have to speak up about it.
It's all about leading in that demo. There are other ways, I'm sure but I think the no touch part is just part of Aikido as it is, and as it was always supposed to be. It's what happens in the moment that happens to be appropriate when it happens.

Perhaps someone will agree, take that thought and express it better than I.
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