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Re: teachers

Originally posted by evelyncarino
hi ya'll

yes, a good teacher?
dear jun,

for us personality counts. must be presentable. i mean for a physical subject
teacher, she./he must look physically o.k. you know looks she/he can still jog,
(not huffing and puffing) with physical strength, not miss/mr. universe.
at least looks fit and able.

can make us understand what she/he wants to say. can demonstrate the
techniques. patient. many years experience teaching aikido.

knows aikido's history, philosophy, techniques, etc.

must have had a good teacher her/himself.

guess, for us that's it.



I find it interesting that looking good seems to figure so highly in your evaluation.Most people would of course. As a horizontally challenged person I would like to point out that looks can be deceiving. I am 48 and a fair bit over the weight I'd like to be at. I teach college kids Police Defensive tactics and find that I can routinely work most of those kids into the earth.There aren't too many young Aikidoka that can go hard with me either. If we were going to war tomorrow I'd be in trouble but if I needed my art for self defense, fitness wouldn't come into it because it would be over too quickly. I don't think my students find my instruction less valuable due to my physique, although I could be wrong. I would say that the Aikido being done is a bit more important than the physique.

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