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Re: Flinch Response in Aikido

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First off, it is apparent that Tony Blauer is a businessman who is capitalizing on the tactical trend that started after 9/11.
I went on one of his courses in the early 90s. The guy has been around a long time, always stressing realism in his training. But even back then, he did tend to use a few too many movie metaphors :-)

In regard to the original question, IME aikido dojo never train the flinch reflex. There's no particular reason why they couldn't though, as it is only used to protect yourself in the face of a surprise (and usually close range) attack. What you do next is where aikido (or any other martial art) comes in.

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
This easily applies to aikido. It is part of the principle of centerline, and is embodied in the movement shomenuchi
Well, having trained for some years with an instructor who also utilises flinch reflex training, I have to disagree with you on that one. I've never seen it used that way in an aikido dojo.
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