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Re: Flinch Response in Aikido

David Soroko wrote: View Post
"Karate Kid" is rated UK:12. It's a film for children.
Is this is the level of martial arts know how Mr. Blauer's audience is comfortable with?
That is not how I understand that rating at all, it is for those 12 and over, see

That movie is simply a cultural reference, one which is rather quite wide spread, much like using the term Klingon or Darth Vader. Arguably also for kids of all ages, but by no means a limited modern reference in my opinion.

To the original question: seems already rather intigrated. Add it to basic irimi/tai sabaki and I begin to understand more why I feel
1- aikido seems so natural
2- I gravitate towards kokyunages, I guess as they remove the need for pinning and precise handwork (dont misinterprate that to mean I dont strive for precise handword and pinning).

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