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Re: Flinch Response in Aikido

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First off, it is apparent that Tony Blauer is a businessman who is capitalizing on the tactical trend that started after 9/11. He has come up with a catchy acronym and all the gear to go with it. Considering the affect this has had on the law enforcement community, I'm not entirely sure that this is a positive thing anymore. But I digress. . .

Blauer seems to be a very good instructor, but there is nothing unique or original about the concepts he is teaching.

This easily applies to aikido. It is part of the principle of centerline, and is embodied in the movement shomenuchi, which presents itself in numerous techniques.

Further, aikido addresses surprise, superior numbers, and weapons, which are the most dangerous situations and all of which relate strongly to the concepts Blauer was teaching.
To be fair... Tony Blauer pioneered many of the concepts about scenario training that are commonplace today. I have videos of the work he was doing way back in the early nineties. He was doing staged muggings in the park with protective gear cobbled together from myriad sources. His stuff has always been solid. He is a good business man, unlike most martial artists but that doesn't equate to bad quality, in his case. His gear is expensive, pretty much geared for institutional purchase. But it is good stuff and well designed. Anyway, he isn't just some Johhny come lately post 911 wonder. He's spent a lot of years refining his stuff and it's generally good stuff.

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