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Re: Flinch Response in Aikido

Hi David.

I just watched the first video and paid close attention and i belive he has avery good point.
I'm am a white belt in iwama ryu aikido and have been training for approx 5 months and i love everything about the art, both physicaly and spiritualy, mentality of the art too. However beeing 16yrs old living in a small town near Glasgow, Scotland, i have the everygrowing need to protect myself against todays modern kids (im only a kid myself i know) and even adults. In the town where i live there is ALWAYS a chance of being attacked. I have been attacked twice whilst studying aikido and not used aikido untill i knew it was a right moment.
Basically in the video he talks about the first movements...
When i was attacked i through my arms up in the air and then grappled his neck and then realised 'hey if i move behind him i could do a variation of irimi nage' and i did so.

Basically what im trying to say is, protect yourself first and then try to apply a technique.
I was very lucky to be in the postion to apply a technique, unlike teh other time i was attacked.

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