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Re: Training the Body. Part 2: Exercesis

Adam Bauder wrote:
Concerning the Upper Body "Cross": So, would you say the elbows should be locked (as if to bring the elbow, that is pointing straight down, up through the top of the arm, while bringing the other parts -- wrist/shoulder -- down)? Even to the point of looking hyper-extended? Just trying to clarify.


Funny thing is, I've been practing stretching my spine lately, much the way you described in your previous article (yes ... with tension). Probably for a couple of weeks. My wife does a double take the other day and says, "Wow! You look tall!"
Of course, I'm only 5'6".
Good point you brought up. You don't want to focus on hyperextending the elbow. As in, if it gets hyper-extended a bit, don't worry about, just don't let it be the focus.
You'll want to pay more attention to "Pushing out" while "Drawing" your shoulder blades in, while keeping the shoulders down and the elbows straight.
Often times when I tell people to keep their shoulders down they'll relax the elbows, which isn't what you want.

By the way, there is a component of "pushing" down with all the joints: wrists, shoulder, elbow etc, while keeping them suspended.
But, I'd focus on the pull in/push out contradictory sensation first.

Visulation aid: Imagine Two heavy doors are to your sides and are attempting to shut, you try with all your might to keep them open while adhereing to the properties mentioned in the exercise
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