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Re: Extending Ki.

Bobby Sanders wrote: order to play well you have to harmonize your mind and your body so that you can act and react without (active) strenuous thought. I learned by just watching others and actually trying it myself while feeling it out . tennis is definitely more of a feel sport and is very internal. can the same be applied to the discovery and manipulation of ki? i know martial artist might reject this but keep in mind, though ki is an essential part of certain martial arts, it shouldn't be restricted to it
All of "Ki" is an umbrella term used to explain "unknown forces"; i.e., it is composed of a lot of things (electricity, oxygen's effects, momentum, etc., etc.) that we wouldn't necessarily (in a western-science paradigm) consider as a single group the way it is considered in the ki-paradigm. Within the body functions/skills that are called "ki" there is again a grouping of a few factors that function as a unit sometimes, sometimes not, and we might not normally consider those phenomena as a single group.

That being said, there are some parts of "ki skills" that we use in small ways quite normally without thinking about them... those skills have been focused on and developed as part of the ki/kokyu skills, although there are a few more skills in the group that are pretty much outside of our day-to-day experiences. Of the normal and natural skills that you can build up, yes, a fairly coordinated person can build them up in fairly short order and yes those skills can certainly be used in a lot of day-to-day activities, sports, etc.

On the whole, it is quite common to do qigongs and neigongs to gain all or part of these "internal strength" skills so that you can add to the quality of your day-to-day life as you get older. It can make older people and smaller-framed people fairly powerful.


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