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Bobby Sanders
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Question Re: Extending Ki.

I have a question... (besides Adrenalin) the concept of ki isn't otherwise present in the west. I play tennis. I can play tennis pretty good but I hav never received training for it. I can hold my own against experienced players who have. Tennis involves controlled movements and tactical planning which includes predicting your opponents moves as well ass ball trajectory. in order to play well you have to harmonize your mind and your body so that you can act and react without (active) strenuous thought. I learned by just watching others and actually trying it myself while feeling it out . tennis is definitely more of a feel sport and is very internal. can the same be applied to the discovery and manipulation of ki? i know martial artist might reject this but keep in mind, though ki is an essential part of certain martial arts, it shouldn't be restricted to it ^-^ tnx
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