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Exclamation Re: What has aikido caused you to do?

Dan Harden wrote:
After attending a few of Kazuo Chiba's seminars years ago and watching his antics, then having a little run-in, I left Aikido. It was already getting dicey for me as the measure of cooperation needed from me to let men do their schtick was just ridiculous.
I'd go on record in saying that Chiba is thee reason I left Aikido for good. I found his behaviour to be repugnant, the personification of all that is wrong with the art.
See Dobson and Arikawa thread here.

A few years ago I had an Aikido teacher ask me why I was so against aikido. I told him I wasn't against aikido I had high hopes for it. Then I had these certain experiences. I had not even finished getting the word Chiba out of my mouth when he raised his hand and said "Say no more. I understand."
So what did Aikido cause me to do?

After experiencing some disappointments, it was Chiba Sensei that made me love training all over again. I guess to each his own. He is very serious about the art and sticking to the basics. But we all have to do what we all to do for ourselves. You may not like Chiba Sensei, but if you like Aikido, come back and train with someone else.

Aikido has made me:

Travel alot more
Spend more money
Lose weight
Avoid all confrontations at all cost!

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