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Jorge Garcia
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Re: What has aikido caused you to do?

Aikido has caused me to realize that I could do a lot of things I would have believed in the past that I couldn't do. Due to circumstances, I was forced to start a dojo 3 years ago so I could keep training under my Shihan.
I shouldn't have been able to succeed and everything was against me because I had a low rank, no money and no contacts. Today, I have two dojos with 80 students. I am teaching Aikido full time and 12 dojos joined the Association that I started and we are still growing. In this endeavor, I learned that I shouldn't be afraid to do what it seems I shouldn't be able to do. With this lesson in hand, I am reaching out again in another crazy idea (a personal endeavor) but it was my experience in Aikido that has given me the courage to try.
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"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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