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graham christian
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Violence and Aikido

I see there have been a couple of threads on violence recently so thought I'd give an Aikido perspective on violence in my own 'unique' way. Ha, ha.

People say it depends on what you call violence, it depends on intent, or quote a past saying of someone.

O.K. Well I'll give you a Ki perspective, an energy perspective, a spiritual perspective on the matter for your inspection.

Chaos. Violence contains chaotic Ki, chaotic energy. It is indeed preceded by mal intent or chaotic confused intent.

Now Aikido is meant to be the path of peace. Aikido , as Ueshiba kept pointing out is nothing to do with combat or fighting or enemies or opponents etc.

So what does Aikido do to violence? It dissipates it. Aikido could be from that viewpoint called a martial art that dissipates violence. It doesn't use it, it doesn't deflect it and do clever things with it, (except along the path to learning) it vanquishes it. Without harm and thus returns to peace.

There is no violence in love, none in kindness, none in compassion, none in goodness, none in Ki. In their purity that is.

Thus Aikido is separated from most all other martial arts.

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