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Re: What makes Aikido aikido (to you)?

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Nothing in life is sure. I have been sure in the past that I knew what aikido was...and was proved wrong. I'm sure it might happen again tomorrow night when I next hope to be on the mat.
Yeah, for me, too.

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You don't. When someone physically attacks you, they take that chance. When I defend myself or another, I take that chance as well.
It isn't as if the defender is taking a moral road and determining life or death. An attacker, by their actions, narrows down considerably the responses a defender can execute. In such a conflict, where one's intent is a certain outcome while the other's intent is completely different, all predictability is gone. If the attacker's intent is fixated upon a certain outcome and has no compulsion about ending the defender's life ... then the defender has, at that point, had his options for appropriate actions taken from him/her. At that point, the attacker has actually decided, morally, on life or death -- the attacker's own life or death, not the defenders.

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Society exacts their price...and God exacts his. Such is life...

Or "... and God exacts Hers."

Seriously, though, all too true.

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