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Re: No defence?

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But to me the description sounded creepy long long before he got to the stabbing part.
And it was, believe me on that.
I am an ex marine, have seen a couple of things in my life and been in another couple of constipated situations myself. But this was out of every description (or maybe i am getting old or more cautious since i fathered children) i have encountered so far. Children, bright daylight, very crowded open public place, absence of shouting or gesturing, blind obedience... Creepy indeed! I have been scared once or twice in my life but right there i was gasping for guts! So intense it was that i assumed camae (although i was more that 10-15 metres away from the stabbing) and soon as the son's lesson in the water ended i rushed, covered him in the huge towel and rushed for the car without any delay.
Indeed, proper maae would (might, could) have been the only solution so as to avoid the attack but once it commenced i see no way out of it...
Thank you all for your posts, great inspiration and food for thought.
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