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Re: No defence?

A big part of the problem for me is "when you gain or begin to percieve knowledge about what is happening". That is the crux of the whole issue or at least a large part of it that dictates success.

We all like to think that we have time to deal with it the fact of the mater is we may or may not....most likely if we are in a H2H situation, then we are already at a huge disadvantage...assuming we are in a defensive situation.

I read through the no nonsense website a little.

I have a small issue with the psychology that attempts to mitigate or reason with violence. That is...going through the stages to of violence. In theory I agree...but IMO if we are in a violent encounter..the irony is we did not recognize the first three stages.

The caution I have is developing the mindset that we can reason with things or prevent it. It is fine, however, IMO attacks come when we don't expect them, we are surprised by them, and we are usually on the losing end of things and that is when martial skill and the ability to mitgate or recover from it physically matters.

So, from my simple are either winning or is that simple. If you are winning it means you did something to gain dominance on your opponent...if you are not...then you are losing and need to do something to regain.

So, that means from the start of the fight you either pre-empt....or you are allowing your opponent to pre-empt (or start)...if he starts...then he dictates terms and you are responding...which means you are losing..even if for seconds until you gain control.

Ironically, we study this very relationship in Aikido. However, I think it gets lost in translation through romantic notions that say we can reason with our opponent and buy time and try to resolve things peacefully, while allowing the opponent to dictate the terms of the relationship.

For me, if I am concerned with someone physically attacking me, then I am going to dictate the terms of the realtionship. I am sure if I read through the website more I'd see that he is advocating that...I hope.

Positioning is a big part of it, IMO...not giving your opponent an opening.

That said....I'd hesitate to get too far along trying to reason with someone while they were trying to "interview" me. Not saying that the website is advocating it...just that I think some might take this perspective.

Again, my position is, that in reality, I don't think you have much knowledge that this interview is happening prior to an attack...or you failed to recognize it. Yeah...maybe learning to recognize the signs and mitigate this "interviews" is important skills to have. Absolutely. Being in the nature of work that I am in...I can say that I am pretty good at this process and feel I have avoided much by percieving risk, identifying risk, and mitigating them through positioning.

However, martially...I think in our training we spend way too much time on parity or practicing from the standpoint that puts us in a position that says "yeah, I recognize what is happening and dealing with it".

I think we martially we need to either practice krav maga style that says violence of action rules and I am going to physically pre-empt...which can be a dangerous proposition asa far as self defense.

Or, we recognize that we are most likely in a situation of failure martially and practice things that allow us to recover and gain control.

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