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Re: Customs in the different countries

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Do you really think that "easy and warm relations" depend on the customs of kissing, or hugging?

And, on the other hand, when visiting countries with this custom I experienced the kissing of people I didn't know as just a formal "ritual" just like shaking hands or bowing. There is nothing more in it. It's just another distance ...

at last:
Here where I live, kissing when greeting is only done by members of the "fancy-schmancy scene" (never heard this word in english. My dictionary gave it: trendy types, in-types ... Know what I mean?)
So kissing when greeting can have the connotation of superficiality here.
(If you are not french ... The spanish, portugese or italian people living here don't do it. Only the french. Don't know why? Just my personal experience.)
Hi Carsten,
My mother is german and my father was, so nothing against Germany, but it was the first time that anybody said "Sie" to me, in english that difference doesn't exist, but that put you on distance, in Argentina or Spain we also have TU or USTED, but we say USTED very few times, many people doesn't like that because it makes you somehow old... And also the weather in Germany, for a 21 year old is was really sad...
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