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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
See the chopstick anecdote I just posted on the "changed body" thread.

I'm reluctant to get to far off into some of these tangential discussions because no background has been established and if people are really curious they'll do a bit more research on their own. I've been trying over the last few years to show what I know (which is admittedly limited) to a reasonable number of people and some of those people are increasing their abilities fairly rapidly. And some of them now have fairly broad-spectrum knowledge, well beyond anything being discussed on AikiWeb.... they'll be the ones to ask questions to, soon enough. If you want some of this information that requires almost a show-and-tell venue, you'll need to get out and meet some of these people and get involved in the discussions and studies and practice.


Mike Sigman
I'm not disputing there is amazing stuff to be had in the pursuit of IT.

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
He had "changed" his body all over like this by years of doing a certain type of neigong.
Did he say this is because the neigongs change the fascia? I suspect there is more to the neigong than repeatedly ripping through chopsticks until one gets it right!

If knowledge of the fascia does not help in ones IT then why bring it up?

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