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One day Seminar with Toby Threadgill: Internal strength and jujutsu principles

Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu
One day Seminar with Toby Threadgill, Menkyo Kaiden
Internal strength and jujutsu principles

When: Saturday January 11th
Time: 10:00 am -- 5:00pm
Cost: $60.00

Senpokan Dojo
1418 E. Wilshire Ave.
Santa Ana, Ca. 92705

For registration and information contact:

In Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu (TSYR) our internal training is divided into two categories, the Happo Shinden Nairiki no gyo and Happo Shinden Misogi no gyo. The Nairiki no gyo are 8 kata manifesting both an omote and ura version. The omote versions are gaiden, or teachings allowed to be demonstrated or taught openly.

The Nairiki no gyo are solo kata that incorporate specific body movement and physical dynamics required for proper execution of kata. They are both specific and general in their value as a training tool. The omote versions are usually taught in three levels of complexity, starting as simple movement & relaxation, then progressing to include specific structural alignment and finally stressing specific muscular dynamics.

The most fundamental benefit obtained thru the performance the omote Nairiki no gyo is the cultivation of integrated muscular strengthening. The greater benefit of this type of body training is that it inculcates an integrated form of muscular power rather than one that is sectional or isolated.

Another important aspect of our omote kata relates to developing bone structure awareness. Proper structural awareness allows the body to "rest" efficiently on its framework utilizing minimum muscular tension to remain erect. Structural relaxation of the musculature increases body awareness with the goal of increasing levels of internal sensitivity and connection to ones base.

This creates the sense of having a truly connected body, one that feels and moves in unified harmony. When opposing forces are met by this body it is able to feel and respond in a coordinated manner that is a genuine expression of the body's unified capabilities.

Further exploration of our omote kata teaches how to create pathways that allow us to re-channel energy (applied force) away from our center of gravity. The utilization of structural alignment and controlled relaxation to re-channel forces so they travel thru our bodies and into our base, making our base stronger and more able to resist opposing forces without the accompanying tension employed in an unconnected body structure.

The concepts and principles in the solo kata are integrated into our paired kata. Every paired kata in TSYR employs numerous theories found in the solo kata. The solo kata were created to function as "identifiers" or customized training methods that allow the student concentrated access to the specific body skills deemed necessary for successful application of TSYR technique. Some of these principles are obvious while others are hidden deeply inside the kata waiting to be discovered by the student.

In this seminar we will explore some of the nairiki omote, associate exercises (kunren) for developing these skills, partner practices, and how it relates to the application of jujutsu principles and techniques.

Hosted by the Kenshinyokan dojo

Richard Elias
Yoshida-Ha Bujutsu
Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin ryu
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