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Stephen Nichol
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Re: Vantage points

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Hi Stephen,

There's been talk of getting Dan down to Australia, so you never know.

After 10 years of talking to Dan on the internet (and thirty years in Aikido) a friend of mine and I committed to bringing him out here - fortunately we found other people to split the cost, but we had already decided to split the costs even if there were just the two of us. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge.

Of course, Hawaii is always great - don't worry too much about the screening, it really only applies to a few people who have a history with Dan, and it has nothing to do with rank or experience.


That sounds really great. I can budget/afford a more than reasonable amount to do this... it is only that I would really wish it to be more than just a weekend in Hawaii. I know that is asking a lot considering a weekends worth will most likely melt my brain but being a zombie is a sacrifice I am willing to make to just finally find out.

To be honest, given the limited frequency of be able to possibly get training with Dan given logistics etc, I would love around 5 days worth. Take that home and work on it for 6 months, then make the effort to go wherever he is and get corrections, more direction etc.. rinse/repeat. I sincerely want to know and then help bring it into Aikido as best I can.

Thanks for clearing up the screening aspect as well. Anyway, this is all a wish for now as I will have to line more than just a few things up to make meeting Dan happen.

I should probably get some work done today. Will check this thread later on tonight.

Thanks again!
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