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Dan Richards
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Re: Understanding "decoupling"

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
Thanks for your comments, Jon.

I believe his direct reference to [not] connecting with the Earth was to imply that mechanical ground path is not necessary to aiki. He moves quite freely when you try to grab him and never sticks to the ground.
Yes. And I agree, too. It's not necessary to connect ourselves to something we're already connected with. What Messico seems to be doing [in my language] is a lot of decoupling. He's taking elements that have been coupled together - such as grounding, uke/nage, arms/torso - and decoupling them. He's got his "octopus" arms, as he calls them. Showing people that they are free to move. That they are the center of the universe. Jeez, he sounds like something we've heard from some old Japanese man. : )
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