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Re: Understanding "decoupling"

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
If you're reading this for this first time, check the topic on "resonance" first.

When a body is moving energy through it, that moving energy needs to drain out of the body. ...

The energy in your body, in order to drain and dissipate fast enough so that you don't turn into a big overcharged battery - is by "decoupling" your body with the ground/floor. ...-
OK, I went and read that again.

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
Very simple, your body resonates - literally sounds various notes - through numerous sources, including movement, breath, residual energy, etc.

And it is important to not allow a build up of resonance in the body. Whatever "collection of energy" that's in the body at any given moment - needs to move through and out of the body. Not get stuck and backed up.

Resonance is moved out of the body by "decoupling." Which I'll explain in another post.
What if our bodies do NOT resonate?

What if they DO resonate according only to your definition of resonate (which we do not have), but don't need to decouple?

What if we DO need to decouple : what BAD happens if we don't decouple?

What if a flat foot on the ground is BETTER (than a big toe) for whatever you mean by "decoupling"?
Can you test and see which is best? Can you measure a resonance, a backing-up, a decoupling?

And for the railway buffs, you certainly mean something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to the REAL meaning of "decoupling", right? When two carriages are separated = decoupling.
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