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the problem with dan and sigman and folks like them is that they aren't asian, so folks just instantly assumed that they know nothing and whatever they knew is junk. they just don't have the asian look or even the asian sounding names. i, on the other hand, the other one, the one that's not use to scratch meself, am asian, looked asian (i better be, otherwise i am going to have a talk with the milk man) which is good looking by default, sounded asian (with Minnesotian accent), and with asian name, so folks assumed, rightly so, that i have the right stuffs. folks would believe whatever i tell them about martial arts and so on. they also believed in free egg rolls with extra order of fried rice too.

the way to solve this problem for dan, sigman and other western folks, is that they can pay me a fee (pun intended) to have me adopt them as distance relatives, where they can state that they have been taught the ancient asian secret ingredient of aiki soup from the steppe of asia (actually, mostly north carolina foothill, but they don't know that!) that can turn practitioner into super aiki-dunot martial artists. for a monthly fee of $9.99 with 20 easy installments, you can get an authentic certificate that state that you are in-fact asian and in-fact received ancient asian teaching. and for an extra $9.99, i can even give you an asian family name that you can freely use anytime, anywhere.
Too late Phi, my brother married a that makes me the uncle to identical twin, half Philipino Jews.....I have it all covered....

Joe calls them Philijewnos
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