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Re: Aikido taiotoshi?

David, I was also referring to "physical atemi" because physical atemi and spiritual (mental) atemi are the same thing. Any atemi should be made up of these qualities.

Getting into descriptions of the physical mechanics, along with the intent, kiai, etc. of different waza can be done but it's really time consuming and not appropriate here. Personally, I use very little muscular strength in my waza, it's mostly small activities of evasive entering (at the right time) that cause the aite/uke to do the "heavy lifting", because I never lift due to the fact that we have to stop our feet to lift. I'm in motion, hands, hips, feet, breath, etc. moving in connection with the body of the attacker causing them to tell me what I need to do to fit the waza to their recovery attempts. When done properly, the uke often feels very little force coming from me. They often say "that it feels like it comes from somewhere else..."

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