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Re: Aikido taiotoshi?

Ahmad Abas wrote: View Post
Chuck I had hoped you would have gone on to explain why we use the various names but perhaps the person with authority here would be Prof Goldsbury... If he care to pop in that is

Janet. I could have sworn that I saw uke and nage facing each other in the OP's video, but i've been known to assume far too much and know very little. So I can appreciate you establishing your lineage and terminology.

We used to practise this in the old New England Aikikai dojo and I have seen some Youtube videos of Kanai Shihan doing it. I input 'Mitsunari Kanai' and the first example was from a class in the new dojo, with Dave Halprin taking ukemi. The waza was done from shoumen uchi. The way Kanai Shihan does it I have always called sumi-otoshi, but there are many variations: and uke and tori do not have to be facing the same direction.

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