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Re: Aikido taiotoshi?


That's a commonly held idea based on very basic level teaching. However, once the principles are understood (not just in your conscious mind, but in the mind/body) and can be repeatedly done well, the principles can be done with one hand, or even without tori's hands as long as the uke has grasped or is touching. The connection that links the two into one is all that's necessary.

Timing comes into it as well, of course. However timing is not just at the first cycle at toimai, but correct timing in relation to the cycles of movement in relation to both participants. Remember, we don't do something to another person, depending on skill/experience level the connection starts way before physical touching of striking or grasping.

Look back in this thread where a description about an encounter with with a senior that can do this is related in the first person experience.

**** apologies... this was in another thread that I read yesterday and may have been on another board. Briefly, a well-known budoka told of his first experience with a very high level teacher and as soon as he grasped him he was "gone", in his words. He then said, "I don't understand... I felt nothing." The teacher then said, "grasp my fingers", and to make this story shorter, he did it again twice in succession and the story teller still "could feel nothing that would cause him to have to fall."

(... and if you think that's difficult, try keying this in while a young Jack Russell puppy is in your lap vying for your attention!!)

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