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graham christian
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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
Dont quote me on the IP guys Graham, that's just a guess..
Are you unmoveable in every direction, under any amount of pressure, in any posture?
Can you absorb a person's energy on touch until they literally are 'paralysed, and can be thrown whilst you keep constant body form?
When people grab you, are they thrown with no movement, using spiraling energy or just via leading??

All interesting questions.... and something I'll be training for 20+ years before I can start to comprehend. I don't think many people can say they've mastered Ueshiba's art though. As they say, you have to feel it to understand??
Yeah, and I've got a cape to prove it. Ha ha. Seriously though all those questions are interesting and are now on the topic of my understanding of such things and regarding them what I can or cannot do personally. This is where what Mary says is pertinent.

It's for a different thread or for private messaging.

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