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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
No I wasn't spitting in your face Dan, I noticed that you deleted very quickly as a second thought...... I just like to get to the bottom of things that's all. You see, again you have had a wee go at me and I may have brought out your true nature, but as you say good bye and good luck, and please try to be a bit more upfront, the "secret" ploy has been around for some time and doesn't work on me, and a few others I know...
God luck in your Aiki IP a new style? who knows.....?
Tony. May I introduce you to a spiritual principle translated into a rule of thumb in life. All good things are never justified, justifications are only given to hide something.

When you nick a biscuit from your Mums cupboard you then have to hide it and keep it secret and if found out or asked why you were in the kitchen you have to justify it. Very simple really.

Now if you had permission in the first place you wouldn't have to hide anything or justify anything either. You just say what you did.

It amazes me how people fall for such nonsenses as 'stealing knowledge' and justify it by saying it's because the teachers were holding things back. Somehow in their reasoning that makes stealing good. Notice though that they are then the same people who are scared of others stealing their special way. Hence we have the developement of koryus 'protecting' the truth.

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