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Mike Sigman
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Re: Standing Postures in Aikido?

Craig Hocker wrote:
My understanding from what I have been told is that what is in his books is meant for everybody.(snip) The practices you refer to are regarded as esoteric now and as is often said "not required or mandatory" but generally considered good to do just because Tohei Sensei did them. Like doing shorter versions of the Ichikukai practices. Generally that many students haven't done them or done only a little. Certainly not with the intensity or frequency of practice that Tohei Sensei did them.
Actually, standing practices are considered among the most inclusive because everyone can do them. I did find in Tohei's book in "Kiatsu" the comment that relaxing was not enough that you had to use the mind, but he seldom mentions that and I've never seen where he explains how to use the mind. You can't just imagine things or just "relax the mind"; there's more to it. The same is true of standing-post practices... they're not hard to do and you can gradually work your way to pretty good power and health with them. Some examples of various postures for health can be found in Wang Xuan Jie's book on "Dachengquan".

My thought is that doing standing exercises is probably as beneficial as doing ki exercises, and it's simpler to do, even for the elderly and infirm. If Tohei knows how to do standing exercises, it would have been a boon to reveal that as well, IMO.


Mike Sigman
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