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Aikido of Northern Virginia Hosts Kayla Feder and Mike Lasky

Aikido of Northern Virginia will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a seminar taught by Kayla Feder-sensei, 6th dan (CAA), and Mike Lasky-sensei, 6th dan (ASU). Feder-sensei (Aikido of Berkeley) began her training over 30 years ago at the age of nine. This will be Feder-sensei's first visit to the Washington, DC area. Lasky-sensei (Aikido of Northern Virginia) began his study in 1975 under Mitsugi Saotome-sensei.

Feder-sensei and Lasky-sensei will alternate teaching each hour of four two-hour classes. All classes will be empty-hand. To encourage vigorous and safe practice, attendance will be limited. We strongly recommend registering in advance. We invite aikidoka of all affiliations to join us for a weekend of good training!
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