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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

Pat Togher wrote: View Post
I'd be interested in hearing more about the armored practice people have done. What venue was used, and what type of gear?

Hello Pat
Howard knows these people and has watched practice and heard us talk about this other training.
To answer your question;
Kendo bogu (although elbow and knee pads will help)
Weapons: knife, stick, twin sticks, shinai, and bokuto
Even with armor you will still get; broken bones, knockouts, knock downs, major and minor bruising and hard to describe; long, skin-fold impact cuts. We had one fellow with what looked like a razor cut across his forehead but it was done with a wooden tanto (no helmut that day).
What we have tracked is that the bruising tends to lesson over time and even lower level people start to "turn on" and think through the aggression and pain to gain a domineering and controlling mindset that starts to control the action through the refinement of retained relaxation, delivery of power with no wind-up, retained mental focus and control of adreline rush without stress induced loss, and an accelerated sense of timing and positioning.
If you check, I am sure you will find others that do similar work, no doubt from different approaches and their own blending of various principles.
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