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Anat Amitay
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Re: Kinesthetic Learning

I think for me, the three learning methods you mentioned, are a stream along which I grew in my training and my understanding of Aikido (and I know I still have a long way to go! ).
What I mean is:
When I started, I could look at a demonstrated technique, but trying to do it was usually not successful. I needed for sensei or my partner to explain to me what I was or wasn't doing which effected the technique. I couldn't SEE the little details that allowed the technique to flow.
At a later stage, I started noticeing the small details in the demonstration. The blending movement, the place of body, center and stance etc...
At the last part (of which I'm just at the beginning and have a long way to go), I start understanding the technique by feeling it. Feeling it both when I'm Uke and when I'm Nage, understanding the flow of it.
This is also when I began to understand why as a beginner I didn't manage to successfully do my techniques always. I started understanding the small "blocks" a partner can execute if the other isn't working in the right direction (working where I'm strong).
All these stages have come one after the other for me, but they also overlap. I guess I might see a new technique and maybe I will be able to understand it. Then again, maybe I'll be back in square one needing some verbal explanation to help the understanding along.
So for me it is kind of a learning process, that in a way is circular and unending, but I guess that if I continue with Aikido for many years, the kinesthetic part of learning will be the major way of understanding for me. Part of experience.
Just my thoughts.
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