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Re: Just another look at aikido and what are the consequences of it?

I'll give a try with my own look...
Maciej Jesmanowicz wrote: View Post
Misconceptions about Aikido have history and today it is difficult to go back and consider what someone or someone else wrote, or said. You have to follow your own experience, observations and logic. And these are my comments on this topic.
Misconceptions abound partly because people often consider only their own perspective. Owning the fact of our own ignorance and incomplete comprehension, regardless of whether we are or are not an expert, is the first step in addressing misconceptions.

For other attacks, like hand grips and attacks from behind, aikido is useless.
I disagree. Aikido has infinite techniques and can be applied to any situation with proper diligence and attitude/awareness, as far as I can tell.
Quote: is always necessary to use both hands and not to be caught or struck earlier. Thus, it is important to obtain the skill of avoiding any direct attack. Bluntly speaking, aikidokas have to become untouchables.
It is important to avoid being touched by all weapons, whether we are being directly or indirectly attacked by them. They can certainly lead to death in difficult situations. However, it is not always necessary to use two hands to perform technique. Obviously we have a limited number of limbs, but hypothetically, just about any surface can affect control for the purpose of self defense.
It is important to understand that the idea of pacifism is a rather general message and skips an important personal aspect. However, a person can not be considered a pacifist, if he is not able to make a choice between using violence or not.
I basically agree, but that depends on the messenger too though, doesn't it? We don't all mean the same thing when we use the same words. There is our intention and there is our reality. Here's to all of us matching our intentions with reality/nature in the name of peace and love for all.
Thank you for taking the time to articulate your thinking and share it here. I hope you will sincerely and deeply consider the thinking of others here. There is a lot of experience present.
Take care,

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