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Re: Just another look at aikido and what are the consequences of it?

An interesting post Maciej, you seem to have somewhat of a different perspective on Aikido to many, but your points are interesting to consider, for me I like your focus on the relationship between Oomoto and the founding of Aikido which is something that often tends to be glossed over in the study of the history and the evolution of Aikido.

I am interested to know if you ever blog your Aikido thoughts on Wordpress or similar? I would be happy to re-blog what you wrote as I think it would create an interesting discussion.

I will pick up on your thoughts here that for “hand grips and attacks from behind, Aikido is useless”. I saw an interesting video recently and maybe you have seen it too(?) via the MMA facebook site, where a young Aikidoka enters a contest against an older chap well experienced in the Russian Martial Art of Systema and gets quickly defeated three times in a row. He is however congratulated for having the willingness to get up and give it a go against this Russian chap. The few points that I would make here is that there are no shortage of Aikido techniques in Systema and as a result the chap that trains in Systema is not even remotely going to offer a limb or their own force to you. In the video he took him down with a crushing bear hug and some type of Greco-Roman styled lock, in another the crushing power of the bear hug was enough on its own. There are ways to escape a bear hug of course, usually with Krav Maga styled techniques. Attempting to use your opponents own strength against them in that type of instance may be an interesting contest which I suspect you probably would not win without repeated and specific training for that purpose.

It is also interesting that people put O’Sensei up on some type of pedestal like people have done in the past with Bruce Lee with the belief that he clearly won every encounter that he took on. No one becomes a master and founder of any martial art in my opinion without the experience of losing. There is a record of a time when O’Sensei used his Aikido techniques on a chap that was a Japanese Sumo Wrestler, In O’Sensei’s words he is reported to have said something like “he was a sturdy stout man”. Initially O’Sensei was beaten by this guy, nothing he did worked and he struggled. O’Sensei then worked to focus on his Ki techniques to resolve the situation. I suspect that if a number of people that fancy themselves as being in the ball park of the skill level of O’Sensei and took on a fully trained and qualified Sumo Wrestler or a top level Systema instructor I think there would be a good chance that they too might suffer the same inglorious fate. -
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