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I don't know what things are like in Belgium, but how is driving a car taught?

Do young kids sit in a car and wonder about when they should turn the wheel of the car to navigate a turn when the car is completely stopped? I'm certain they don't. Instead, I'm willing to bet that they drive slowly and turn when they think they should and learn that way (with coaching from a licensed driving instructor while they are doing so).

Because of your posts, I'm now convinced that talking about timing during kata training is much like talking about when to turn the car when the car is stopped. You can do so, but I believe the value is minimal, because during kata training everything is defined --- the attack, the response, the roles --- everything. So forget worrying about timing in the same way we don't worry about yokomen strikes when the technique to be trained is shomen <insert name of throw here>.

I would now say kata is where we do instruction, where the technique is broken down into simple steps so that people can do it --- in the same way that we would tell a new driver, here is the turn signal, here is the gear shift, lights, window wipers, etc.... Let people walk through the technique with no (zero, zip, nill) resistance (try the lights, adjust the car seat). And after that, move into free practice, or drills (start the car up and drive around slowly).


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