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Re: It Had To Be Felt #50: Masatake Fujita: When is a Hombu Deshi Not a Deshi? When He's the Secreta

Fujita Sensei visited our dojo in 1998 at my invitation. I had been warned in advance that taking ukemi for him would not be easy and in fact, most people avoided it if they could.

However, my colleague and I were the only 2 instructors so it seemed logical that we would have to take ukemi for him.

Just as Goldsbury mentioned above, Sensei did mostly basic technique like kokyu ho, irimi nage and ikkyo.

Fujita Shihan is rather stout but although I had been forewarned, I had not expected his power to be so intense.

Every time I was thrown, I felt as though I had been hit with a pile driver and the shock would reverberate through my entire body. Until that session I had never felt that kind of power before. Nor have I since.

The source of Fujita's power is the tremendous follow through from start to finish of every throw.

If you did not know how to take ukemi properly you were in trouble.

Over the years from 1998 till 2008 when he fell ill, I would meet him and his wife, Shoko, again many times at regional and international Aikido events. They were always friendly and generous with gifts of sweets and trinkets!

I am working on his obituary to be published in our dojo magazine. I also interviewed him in 1998. For those of you who may be interested you can read excerpts of this interview at
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