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Re: Proficiency and Aikido

I read this and had an image appear to me of the founder as the sun. Those that stand between us and the sun cast a great shadow. There is comfort in the shade of the shadow and we know the sun is there by the edge of the shadow. Many are happy to remain in the comfort of the shadow. To stand unprotected in the full blaze of the sun can be too much to bear for very long so we scurry back to the shadow (maybe a different shadow than before). Few can stand unflinching in the face of the sun and in turn cast a great shadow.

Just an image to provoke thought and nothing more. Feel free to substitute a founder of your choice.

"In my opinion, the time of spreading aikido to the world is finished; now we have to focus on quality." Yamada Yoshimitsu

Ultracrepidarianism ... don't.
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