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Exclamation Re: Proficiency and Aikido

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Hello Alistair,
I find you comments very interesting and thought provoking.
Aikido in itself [the Art that is ] is not the guilty party .The guilty parties are the people who engage in this sort of behaviour.
As you say if people only pay lip service to O Sensei's life work
and fail to train in BIG AIKIDO[ how we act outside the dojo] we face a dire future.Hope you are well.
Thanks, Joe.
I am glad that someone has replied - thanks for your comments. I was sent this the other day, and include it mainly to add emphasis to what has already been said, or intimated by others.

Heaven and Hell
A tale from China

A curious man once asked to visit heaven and hell. Expecting hell to be a terrible, frightening place, he was amazed to find people seated around a lovely banquet table. The table was piled high with every delicious thing one could possibly want. The man thought, Perhaps hell is not so bad after all.
Looking closely, however, he noticed that everyone at the table was miserable.
They were starving, because, although there was a mountain of food before them, they had been given three-foot-long chopsticks. There was no way to carry the food to their mouths with such long chopsticks, and so no one could eat a bite.
The man was then taken to heaven. To his surprise, he found the exact same situation as he had seen in hell. People were gathered around a banquet table piled with food. All the diners held a pair of three-foot-long chopsticks in their hands. But here in heaven, everyone was happily eating the delicious food, for the residents of heaven were using their extra-long chopsticks to feed one another.
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