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Re: Diff. styles, 1 Aikido

George Howard wrote: View Post
I thought that the reason why such a group as Shodokan Aikido was not part of the Aikikai was on the grounds that its philosophy (that of competition) was at odds with that of the Aikikai?
Competition is not the only or even primary thing that defines Shodokan Aikido, so it is not our philosophy per se, more like a training and testing tool imho.
George Howard wrote: View Post
I'm sure they're all for inclusion, and harmony etc., but certain things - i'm sure you'll readily agree - they will obviously be unable to accept.
Actually they are not all for harmony, inclusion etc. To be blunt I've heard about Shodokan people being disallowed from even entering dojo of certain sensei because of the question being discussed here. I also have some personal experiences along similar lines. But once again I will say, this is not the case in some cases so it is not a condemnation of the Aikikai in any form, only a group of sensei who use the competition statement to promote a non-inclusive agenda.

George Howard wrote: View Post
I don't know much about the issue, but i would be shocked if there were those in the Aikikai who use O'Sensei's teachings merely as an excuse to maintain power/division, rather than actually because they believe in them and are devoting their lives to them.
Interesting that you say that - in other words if they choose to focus on the very small part of Ueshiba M.'s ideas that may encourage division instead of the vast amount of ideas he put forward that encouraged global unity. Don't you find that interesting?

George Howard wrote: View Post
I was under the impression that (again) one reason why he didn't, was because he saw aikido as a Budo, meaning that there was no place for competition in it.
Budd's statement about Kendoka and Judoka sums up my feelings on this. Competition and Budo are not mutually exclusive. In fact, since a major element of Budo deals with honest self evaluation (which is hard to deny when dealing with a resistant partner) so that one can achieve personal development through training, I'd say that without it you are missing a good yardstick to measure your progress along the "Way". It is not the only way to measure progress of course, but it does provide an objective basis imho.

Larry, I'm recently arrived just across the CA/US border from you (sorta) and hope to get to work out with you at some point and see where our training in aikido/jujutsu may overlap, as well as celebrate whatever differences we might find.
Hi Budd. You are most welcome. My dojo is always open and I am always willing to celebrate the differences I find. This is how we broaden our reality and perception. Of course whenever I am south of the border I may do the same. PM me if needed.


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