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Question Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Detroit Area ???

Hello All,

This is my first time in a forum. So please, let me first of all express my best regards to all aikidoka from all around the world that may be reading this new tread.

This is a very simple topic:
Where can we found a Aikikai Hombu Dojo in the Detroit Area?

I practice hombu style for a short period of time in Montreal, QC with Massimo DiVilladorata and Claude Berthiaume. I also practiced in Paris,France with Jean-Louis Roux and more recently in Ann Arbor with Roger Park Sensei.

I gave a try to Yoshinkan lately and unfortunately I couldn't find what I was initially looking for into aikido with this new style. I do not denigrate anything here. I just have to mention that It just doesn't fit who I am.

What are the alternatives for he who, like me, is missing the practice of aikikai and desperately look for a dojo in this area?
... and why such a situation?

Thank you very for your lights. Pass and Future

Hopefully it will also help some other guys or kick off a new era.
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