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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

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Where are you videos? I know I know, what you do is too secret. David Copperfield can do some amazing things too, but you never hear him talk about chi.
I hear lots of talk from all of you, but sure can't find an evidence of what you do. I put myself out there, because I believe in what I do. What do you believe in...besides inner net forums??
I am certainly out there. In fact more than I have ever been. I just did another mini-seminar with visitors from right here at good ol Aikiweb. I keep doing them and showing things to folks interested in trainining. We're having lots of fun and getting in good aiki training.
Hope you are too.
Sorry I'm not a video guy.
So far here's what I see though

Internal arts as Aiki
My point has been consistent that these skills are the cornerstone of all that is aiki. I have demonstrated this to many who did not know me and did not agree. Most-just like yourself from right here.

1. Just about every person has taken the time to write back saying the same things. That the training is relevant to "their" Aikido. With most stating clearly it IS Aikido
2. Most have been ignored outright
3. Some have been insulted as acholytes
4. No one not one has been directly asked about how it relates to Aikido
5. There isn't much a person can really say is there. You'd have to now tell them all they're liers, or stupid. Or now the detractors are in the the wierdest puzzle of all- having to tell all of them THEY now don't understand Aikido either.

And thats just me!!
Now you have all the guys who trained with Mike over the years, and now Rob.

It's getting to look rather desperate on the detractors side. Even sad.
Good luck in your training though.
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