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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

Justin Smith wrote: View Post
I'm confused (but that is my perpetual state). Is MA about some some static body mechanic tricks, and why are they so hyped up in some 'internal' camps?
I have to chime in here... martial arts isn't about tricks... but what is being discussed are not tricks, they are demonstrations. What is being demonstrated is the foundation for technique. If you have this foundation your techniques have tremendous power with seemingly little effort.

There seems to be little point in these discussions to have and endless doubting going on by people who have no idea about what is being discussed. It's just like the endless talk about Systema by idiots on Bullshido who endless opinions but no experience. When invited to come play, they say no because its fake and not worth their time... so they continue endlessly to maintain its fake without any experience of it.

I had a great friend at the first expo whom I encountered in the hall at one point. He was all in a huff and said that he had walked out of Angier's class becaues it was all bull****. I basically ordered him back in there with the express instruction to get his butt into the front row and not leave until he personally had gotten his hands on Angier Sensei. A couple of hours later he said to me, "Oh, thank you. You saved me from making a real ass out of myself."

To some extent these discussions illustrate the points being made by the "internal guys". When you can have a discussion with a bunch of Aikido folks and there are a substantial number who seem unaware of what these internal skills even are.... it's an indication that there's a lot of Aikido out there that's not very good very good and people simply haven't any idea what this stuff feels like. If they had, we wouldn't be having these discussions and Dan could stop worrying that Aikido people don't believe him.

We need to get past the "doubting Thomas" stuff and get to the who's got these skills, can they teach them, and how do I get access? stage of the discussion.

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