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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
You can do what I do? You've never met me, or have seen me move.
I take it you can do this
Stand with your feet parallel knees locked, amrms straight out in front of you with the elbows locked then have someone meet your hands while they stand in hanmi and have them push and try to walk forward, and -they can't even lift a foot. Have them try and throw you and depending on their level either can hardly move themselves or can't even lift a foot?
Resist a 200 pound man pushing horizontally and upward on your chest while you stand there not using any technique whatsoever?
Have sandans and better in Judo try to throw you while you stand there and not do anything to counter them but they can't throw you?
Knock people out with single punches
Please understand these are not done using any technique yet.
The power and skills in martial movement go up from there.
Think I have to agree with Dan. Many athletes have only a basic level of mind and body coordination. Sports psychologists I'm told often say things to sprinters such as 'think of the finish line' rather than where you are now on the track. This is pretty much the same as saying 'extend ki' in Tohei terminology. Why would they need to be told to do these things by psychologists if they were already doing them?

An interesting question for Dan. When you have this 200lb man push on your chest. Does he place his hand there and then push? Or do you allow him to walk three or four steps with 'intent' and then push your chest? Do you allow a slow steady push or is a good hard shove permitted? All valid questions I feel...


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