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Re: Kata/Suburi apart from Saito Sensei

Ok, so I played around with iMovies and published some stuff on Youtube for this discussion.

Disclaimer, these clips are from tests or just practicing at the dojo...they are in no way representative of the most accurate or truest way to execute them...especially the ones I am in.

Most of the weapons I train at my dojo are different than what is normally seen. We do some suburi and the two 30+ count jo kata, like many others, but here are some derivatives.

Tanto tandoku kata dai san: knife kata number performing during my last test. In all we have 5 tanto and 7 jo kata, and a couple tachi kata. There are some minor mistakes in this one. Published here.

This is a Kumijo Renzoku, or continuation. I'm not sure which one it is; we have four or so. Published here

Here is one of our kumitanto jo...not sure which one, could be De Osae Onaji Uchi. I apologize for the video quality and Jason Bourne shaky cam...I was the one taping it, my bad. Published here

Anyway, thats just a few samples of some of our 97 weapons forms.


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