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Pierre Musy
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Re: Respect/Lack there of.


I'd have posted this sooner if not for 1) the manual registration process for the forum, 2) the fact that my pager won't stop going off. Before the thread burns itself out entirely, though…

I'm quite familiar with the event in question and the circumstances leading up to it and feel obliged to comment, mainly to be on the record in defense of the instructor that night. I think most here would, and have, agreed with your premise that overtly disrespectful behavior toward any visitor, let alone one as senior as your guest, is simply unacceptable. However, I did not witness any such behavior. Furthermore, although we all have moments when our egos get the better of our higher selves, I would have been astonished to have seen the Nidan in question act disrespectfully, as I know him to be of the highest character (although apparently also of ambiguous facial expressions!).

Aside from this apparent difference of opinion, I'm not sure there's much here, and certainly nothing that merits the involvement of the Shihan under whom our dojo functions, which I think is what you were talking about doing in your original post. I think that this would have been handled better person-to-person, but I guess that's your choice. It also seems prudent to announce visitors, especially high-ranking ones, to the dojo-cho well in advance in the future to avoid the possibility of an awkward situation. In an ideal world maybe that wouldn't be necessary, but…

In other news, there is continued fighting between the Palestinians and the Israelis, Republicans and Democrats, etc. I guess egos and past conflicts are taking their toll outside the dojo, as well. We should all really try to evolve.
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